Fully funded Wellington Doctoral Scholarship for New Zealand in 2023–24


Do you intend to get a doctorate in order to gain international recognition? The Victoria University of Wellington is supported in its intellectual endeavors by the Wellington Doctoral Scholarship in New Zealand. Students who are creative and motivated, have strong academic records, and have a wealth of expertise in a particular area of interest, are encouraged to apply in their respective fields to learn about cutting-edge research methodologies and paradigms. Students from all over the world are also qualified to apply for this fully-funded fellowship, as are doctoral students at Victoria University who are already enrolled in the Ph.D. program. Being a capital university, Victoria has an advantage over other universities across the world in that it has experience working with corporations and the government. As a result, it will raise your level of adventurous exposure.

The scholarship program of Victoria University of Wellington intends to collaborate with various institutions and groups throughout the world in order to advance communities, academics, and students. As a top-ranked university in New Zealand, Wellington University has a distinctive, vibrant, and proud heritage. The culture of the university and how its administration involves all of the stakeholders in public events are clear indicators of this. so affecting the brains and altering the individuals’ identities. If chosen, the candidates would have the honor of studying at a top 1.5 worldwide university and benefiting from the University’s high-caliber research. It will mark a turning point for researchers seeking a career in their relevant sectors given this information.

With the assistance of the Ph.D. scholarship in New Zealand, your aspirations will be constructed on a solid basis of reality. This fantastic opportunity is offered by the New Zealand government without discrimination. No matter where they are from, what religion they practice, what ethnicity they belong to, what gender they identify as, or what socioeconomic status they come from, everyone is eligible for this global scholarship. You will learn cutting-edge techniques in the doctoral study program’s seminars in order to conduct in-depth research and overcome the challenges you are currently encountering. With this New Zealand scholarship for overseas students, you’ll have access to a range of academic activities and project-based work that will help you make the most of the abilities you’ve acquired while studying there.

Post-graduates looking to pursue their Ph.D. specialization in accessible disciplines can apply for fully-funded overseas scholarships in New Zealand. The links are strengthened globally as a result of the University’s influence at the local, national, and international levels. Victoria University is represented as a global-civic university that actively participates in solving the major issues that confront societies all over the world. The University is pragmatically responding to difficulties for the prosperity and welfare of humans in New Zealand and around the world by coming up with workable solutions based on logical reasoning. Avoid wasting your time. Together with other welfare organizations, let’s create a path for future generations so that they can live comfortable lives.

Fully funded Wellington Doctoral Scholarship for New Zealand in 2023–24


  • New Zealand


  • Victoria University of Wellington

Degree Level:

  • Doctoral Programs

Courses Available:

  1. Education;
  2. Engineering;
  3. Health;
  4. Humanities;
  5. Law;
  6. Music;
  7. Technology;
  8. Science.
  9. Architecture;
  10. Business
  11. government;
  12. Design;

Scholarship Duration:

  • 3 Years PhD Scholarship in New Zealand

The Wellington Ph.D. Scholarship has the following advantages:

  • Academic knowledge of the particular area of interest will be enhanced.
  • Exposure to New Zealand’s culture, traditions, and history.
  • The scholarship will cover tuition fees for up to three years.
  • The annual stipend will be $ 27,500 annually for up to three years.

To Qualify For Wellington Doctoral Scholarships 2023-24 You Must Have :

  • Possess a potential for conducting high-quality research.
  • Record of publications in outstanding journals, reflecting your experiences and education.
  • Everyone from all countries can apply.
  • Strong academic record.
  • Excellent academic references.

Note: Please visit the official website for more information about the Ph.D. scholarship eligibility criteria, Terms and Conditions, and regulations of the application for this scholarship.

Application Process:

  • Students have to apply through the official website of the university.
  • Fill up all the required fields.
  • Complete your application form carefully and submit it.
  • The selected students will be offered scholarships within six to eight weeks of the closing date.

Application Deadline:

  • The application deadline for the scholarship is for three rounds each year, i.e. March 1, July 1, and November 1. The deadline for music, education, and health doctoral scholarships is November 1. The time for application closing will be 4:30 pm according to NZ time.




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