Five Jigawa schools that have been rebuilt are now in the possession of the Nigerian Army

Five Jigawa schools that have been rebuilt are now in the possession of the Nigerian Army

In Limawa Community, Dutse Local Government Area, Jigawa, five restored schools were commissioned and handed over on Friday by Lt. Gen. Taoreed Lagbaja, the Chief of Army Staff (COAS).

The exercise was held in the Chief of Army Staff’s Special Intervention Civil-Military Cooperation Projects, according to Lagbaja, who was represented by the Chief of Military-Civil Affairs, Maj. Gen. N.C. Ugbo.

According to him, the project is a one-of-a-kind endeavor that will help the Nigerian Army achieve its goal of community participation through its non-kinetic initiatives.


He went on to say that the initiatives are meant to help the communities of the officers of the Nigerian Army, who have worked their way up to the esteemed position of Major General through their selfless service to the country.

It is with much delight that I see that Major General Abdulkadir Mohammed is a highly esteemed senior officer, and that Jigawa State is fortunate to have him. It should be remembered that last month, under Maj. General Kazaure’s leadership, we commissioned another crucial project in Kazaure LGA. Today, we are in Dutse to commission yet another project.

“Today, we are here to introduce the rebranded Limawa Model Primary School, which is completely furnished and ready to serve the community,” said Maj Gen Ugbo, who delivered Lagbaja’s message.

He claims that the project’s successful completion exemplifies the power of unity in pursuit of a shared goal.


Lagbaja praised the school system for its dedication to supplying the state’s military and other security organizations with timely and actionable information while urging better school management to benefit the local community’s educational development and economic well-being.

Maj-Gen. Abdulkadir Muhammad, the project’s chief executor, stated that the original proposal only included one rundown school, the Limawa Model Primary School.

At the project’s near-final stages, he said, four rundown schools were also considered for renovation.


Dutse Model Primary School Limawa, Limawa Primary School, Limawa Islamiyya School, and Junior Arabic Secondary School Limawa were the names of the schools that he provided.

“As part of the remodelling, eleven blocks containing twenty-five classrooms were extended. Limawa Primary School saw the renovation of eight classrooms and offices, Dutse Model Primary School Limawa two classrooms and two offices, Junior Arabic Secondary School Limawa nine classes, and Limawa Islamiyya School one block of two classes. According to the main executor, ten restrooms and one borehole were also refurbished.

The rehabilitation of eleven blocks’ worth of classrooms, ten restroom units, water facilities, and staff offices was the scope of the project, according to Sa’id.

In his remarks, Governor Umar Namadi praised the COAs for their generosity, noting that it will help the state government in its mission to create a conducive atmosphere for education.

The project’s executor was praised by Namadi, who characterized him as a proud son who cares for the future of younger generations. In order to provide access to quality education, he promised that his government will work with the benefited community to make good use of and safeguard the facilities.

The Chief of Army Staff was thanked by the Limawa people and Dutse Emirate by the Emir of Dutse, Hameem Nuhu-Sunusi.

To keep the peace in the state and the rest of Nigeria, Nuhu-Sunusi also said that he would try to improve ties between the military and other security services.

More than a thousand students in the neighborhood were given free school uniforms and other educational supplies.



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