How Tinubu patched things up at Aso Rock between Akeredolu, the Deputy, and Aiyedatiwa


The marathon talks took place in the State House in Abuja and included the President, the Deputy Governor, representatives of Governor Akeredolu, state and federal politicians from the state, and officials from the state chapter of the All Progressives Congress.

⁣The President urged the warring factions to put their differences aside and work toward peace, and he received promises to that effect.

⁣This means that the leadership of the Ondo State House of Assembly and the APC Chapter in Ondo State would both stay in the hands of its current members, namely Governor Akeredolu and Deputy Governor Aiyedatiwa, respectively.


After announcing his intention to keep things as they are and bring all the groups together, Deputy Governor Aiyedatiwa remarked, “I want to say that I pledge to, all of you that I embrace every one of you.” Everything that has happened to me up to this point is history. Like the President told us to do, I’ve surrendered control to God.

⁣And I mean that with absolutely no malice or deceit in my heart. Politics is the only thing that has transpired. Impeachment is a normal political procedure. Politics is survival, if you can make it that far. That time is now here. I made it through, and now that item belongs to the past.

⁣In his inaugural address, President Obama said, “It is one big family, and our father has intervened to bring all the children together to remain under the same family with the position that I occupy, I will carry every one of you along in every decision that needs to be taken, and in everything that we do, we will work together; the executive and the legislature will work together to ensure that governance is on the right track.”

⁣To “bring the dividend of democracy” to the people of Ondo State, he urged the rest of the State Executive Council to unite behind the Governor and himself.


⁣I am writing to implore the members of the Executive Council to work with the Governor and myself to deliver the benefits of democracy to the people of this state.

⁣Regarding our ages and positions, we should treat one other with dignity and respect. So there would be mutual regard.

⁣And I want to promise the party leadership that we will cooperate, since the party is the highest authority. We will always give you your due respect,” the Ondo State Deputy Governor assured. ⁣


⁣Oladiji Olamide, the speaker of the House of Assembly for Osun State, read the resolution into the record, declaring, “Our resolution is that one, we shall embrace peace. And secondly, the Deputy Governor would keep the status quo in the House of Assembly leadership and there would be no more breakup of the cabinet.

⁣Regarding the State House of Representatives’ leadership and the state party’s top positions, we will do nothing to change the status quo. I appreciate it, Mr. President. ⁣

⁣Our Father, the President, has taken the trouble to resolve our rancor in Ondo State,” Princess Oladunni Odu, Secretary to the State Government, said. We are quite grateful to you, Sir. No, we won’t let you down. Everything you stated was carefully absorbed. And the APC family is returning home together as one.”

⁣Ade Adetimehin, chairman of the All Progressives Congress in Ondo State, spoke to the media about the positive outcome of the late-night talks on Friday, promising to keep an eye on things to make sure the new promises are kept.

⁣This is the happiest day of my life. The state of Ondo is now a place of normalcy, I can tell.

⁣The state PDP is disintegrating, with members leaving almost daily. We now have only the one issue that you so kindly resolved for us today. Adetimehin claimed that the issue was now fixed for good.


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