In Adeleke’s absence, Osun APC has devised a plan to avoid having to present its annual report of stewardship


The Osun State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has charged Governor Ademola Adeleke with fabricating his whereabouts.

The APC has also criticized Olawale Rasheed, the governor’s spokesman, for reporting that Governor Adeleke had left for a brief working trip to Europe and Asia.

The state governor’s spokesman, Olawale Rasheed, released a statement saying that Adeleke had begun a work trip to Europe and Asia.


In addition, Governor Adeleke set out on the trip to finalize collaboration accords with investors and development partners, as Rasheed stated in his statement.

On the other hand, Governor Adeleke has been on vacation in the United States of America for the past two weeks, as stated by the Osun APC in a statement signed by the Chairman, Tajudeen Lawal on Sunday.

The article said that the governor’s office statement on the alleged trip was maliciously constructed and full of contradictions.

Lawal further said that Adeleke travelled out of the country shortly after the crippling setback of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in Kogi State.


“Of course, this is a simple preamble to a foundation-laying for excuses that Governor Adeleke would not be physically present in the state for the celebration of his one-year government coming up tomorrow.

“It has been heard from credible sources that tomorrow, in the governor’s absence, a prerecorded message will be broadcast for the people of the state.

“No one can hold it against someone for getting sick or being ill, for such things are beyond the control of any human being but God Almighty. However, it beholds on those who are holding the people’s mandate in trust to always tell the truth and stand by the truth.


“We are fully aware that Governor Adeleke has fled the state, preventing him from rendering a full and fair account of his administration to the people of the state.

Since he took office in November 2022, Governor Adeleke has done nothing but sink the state with his lack of education and experience in running the government.

He’s too ashamed to tell the people of Osun how he wasted more than N130 billion in tax money over the course of a year.

While the parents of UNIOSUN students are suffering to pay the increased school fees his government made them to pay, he is reluctant to tell them how he has budgeted in the supplementary budget almost N10 billion for his dining, entertainment, and office use.

“Governor Adeleke is too embarrassed to tell the people of Osun that a year has passed and that his promise to turn Osun into another Dubai was nothing more than a fluke.”

Adeleke is embarrassed to face the people of Osun because his government has stolen the N9 billion he received from the federal government and has not helped those hit hard by the elimination of the gasoline subsidy.

“Adeleke is afraid to face the anger of Osun people that while a serious state like Ogun is investing in Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses, which is capable of making the cost of transportation cheaper, Adeleke in a ploy to line his pocket, is putting Osun money in unsustainable diesel-propelled vehicles purchased over 10 years ago.”

The Osun APC also made the assertion that Adeleke would be setting a dangerous precedent if he didn’t show up to Monday’s celebration of the one anniversary of his administration.



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