Kogi Guber: SDP claims there was an attempt to torch the INEC office


The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) office in Lokoja has been the subject of a reported arson plot, and the Social Democratic Party (SDP) has sounded the alarm.

Isaiah Davies, Director General, New Media, MuriSam Campaign Council of SDP, made this announcement in a statement released on Sunday night in Lokoja.

The communiqué alerted law enforcement, journalists, and the public at large with the headline “The Plot to Burn Down INEC Office in Lokoja Exposed.”


Ijele made an appeal to relevant security formations, asking them to ensure the safety of all electoral materials utilized in the recently concluded gubernatorial election in the State, as well as to increase security around the INEC office in Lokoja.

Under the cover of a fire outbreak, they plan to destroy the facility that houses those delicate materials in order to destroy any evidence of rigging.

“We would like the whole world to know that if anything happens to the sensitive materials as ordered by the court to be inspected by the solicitors of the SDP, Governor Yahaya Bello should be held responsible as the chief security officer of the state,” he claimed.

APC’s Kogi State Governorship Campaign Council quickly responded, demanding that the public hold the Social Democratic Party accountable for any damage done to INEC.


According to the Campaign Council, the party is certain that the SDP lied about a planned attack on the INEC office in order to conceal the party’s evil goal of destroying the INEC office.

Kingsley Fanwo, the Council’s Director of Media and Publicity and Spokesperson, released a statement on Sunday night saying, “We call on security agencies to fortify security around the offices of the Independent National Electoral Commission across the state in light of their clandestine move to cover up their propaganda-fueled claims about the election.”

Their electoral performance was in stark contrast to their cocky pre-election stance, and no amount of propaganda will change that. Now they’re criticizing INEC and scapegoating everyone else but themselves. This is the unfortunate situation to which a party and its candidate have fallen, as they lack the requisite political pedigree to face the deeply entrenched APC in Kogi situation.


“Despite their intimidation and blood-letting spree in some parts of the state, INEC conducted a credible, free and fair election and the security authorities also guaranteed that the ballots of the people counted.

“We applaud Kogites for responding strongly to ethnic bigots with votes that reflected our unity as a people,” the statement reads.

“There is no concern about the SDP’s legal challenge. They failed to win the election, failed to steal ballot boxes, failed to disunite our state and our people. They were competing to fail over and over again.



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